Operation process of digital printing machine for pure cotton cloth

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
When it comes to digital printing machines, craftsmanship and operation are one of the most worrying issues for customers. Today, Yanyan’s editor is here to share a topic on the technology of pure cotton cloth digital printing machine. The technology of the digital printing machine for pure cotton cloth is actually very simple. Image processing -> sizing (optional) -> direct-injection printing -> color fixation. It seems simple, but it still has some tricks. I can't grasp the essentials, or The printed cloth is not satisfactory, or it is easy to wash off the color. 1. Picture processing If you want to print a cloth with good results, the picture effect must be good, the impurities in the picture must be cleaned, and the color blocks that are prone to color difference must be fine-tuned in the picture processing software (this is a long-term Accumulated experience), in this way, we can ensure that the picture produced by the digital cotton printing machine is the effect I want. 2. Sizing. At present, the printing effect of pure cotton direct-injection cloth digital printing machine does have a certain gap with reactive printing in terms of color vividness, but the gap is not big. If the effect of pure cotton direct-injection digital cloth printing machine can be To achieve the vividness of reactive printing, sizing treatment is required. On the contrary, if the customer is satisfied with the effect of direct injection without sizing, there is no need for sizing. 3. The process of direct-injection printing is much simpler. During the working process of the cloth printing machine, make sure not to touch the data cable and the stability of the machine. There is nothing else to pay attention to. 4. Color fixation The T-shirt coming out of the pure cotton direct-injection cloth digital printing machine is actually just a semi-finished product. After fixing the color, it can ensure that the pattern will not fall. There are certain tricks for fixing the color. The temperature is too high and easy. If the temperature is too low, the color fastness is not enough. If the time is too long, it is easy to damage the fabric. If the time is too short, the pattern will be washed off.
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