Operation steps of garment printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
The characteristics of the garment printing machine do not need to print the film on the screen, the publication time is short, and the processing cost is low; the machine printing cost is also 5-6 yuan/square, the color of the large goods is consistent, and the efficiency is high. It is the current product surface with color patterns. best choice! Clothing printing (dark color) steps: The effect is better for materials with high cotton content, and a heat press machine is required for heating and ironing, and the temperature is controlled at 160-180 degrees Celsius. 1. Use a heat press machine to lightly press for a few seconds to press and iron the clothes smoothly, avoiding the effect of fluff standing upright. 2. Use pretreatment liquid, that is, 'fixing agent' to pretreat the fabric, spray the fixing agent evenly on the surface of the T-shirt 3. Use a heat transfer machine to iron and dry the fixing agent 4. Place the clothes on On the fixture, the mold is placed on the working platform. 5. Output the print command on the computer software. Print a white background color; print the color on the white background, and the printing will be completed in a few minutes. Garment printing (light color) steps: light color printing steps are very simple: 1. Place the T-shirt on the mold and place the mold on the work platform; 2. Directly output commands in the drawing software to print color patterns; 3. After printing, press it at 180 degrees for 15 seconds, which is the finished product.
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