Oval digital printing machine and digital direct injection machine characteristics and market demand analysis

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
The ellipse digital printing machine is suitable for mass printing of garments, it must be plate-making, and there is no need to process before printing. The color registration is a bit troublesome, and there may be deviations that may cause white edges. Usually the error is between 0.2-1mm, and the printing accuracy is low. It is not easy to match the size and type, the reproducibility is restricted, the flower length is restricted, the color recovery is slow, and the investment is high. 2. The digital direct-injection machine is suitable for printing small batches, multiple types, short delivery time, this type of clothing orders, no plate making is required, pre-processing is required before printing, generally 4 colors or 6 colors, these basic colors are automatically adjusted by the computer All the ever-changing colors come out, there is no tedious operation of registering the position, the printing accuracy is as high as 5760DPI, the size and pattern are consistent at the time of production, the reproducibility is good, there is no restriction on the length of the flower back, the color back is extremely easy, the changeability is strong, and the daily output is usually In hundreds to thousands of pieces. And compared to the oval digital printing machine, its price is basically around 100,000, which is very cheap and very suitable for small and medium-sized garment printing factories. 3. Through comparison, we can find that the efficiency of the digital direct printing machine is low, and the daily production capacity is incomparable with the oval digital printing machine. The digital direct printing machine occupies a small area, and the oval digital printing machine occupies a larger area and requires a high investment. . 4. Generally speaking, large-scale companies use oval digital printing machines more, and small and medium-sized clothing printing companies use digital direct-injection machines more.
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