Precautions for operating the nozzle plate of uv flatbed printer

by:angelacrox     2021-09-08
Shut down the uv flatbed printer device and remove the protective cover on the print head board, unplug the plugs on the print head board, do not pull the wire directly when unplugging, pull out the terminal shell to prevent the wire from being unplugged or damaged. 2. Generally, there are two optical fiber cables on the nozzle board, the grating decoder cable, the X-axis limit cable, the flat cable, and the nozzle cable. Take care when pulling it out to avoid second damage. 3. After the wires are plugged in, install the sprinkler board on the four copper pillars. You can't put it down casually. There are many tin feet under the sprinkler board. If you put it directly on the bottom of the machine, it will easily cause a short circuit and burn the spray car board. After replacing the nozzle board of the uv flatbed printer, be sure to check the following conditions: 1. Running status light: This light flashes for a second, indicating that the system is in a normal state. It is abnormal if the light is on or off. 2. Signal status light: When the optical fiber is connected and the normal data/control signal connection is established, this light is on. 3. Printing control light: this light is on when printing or micro-jetting. Other states are off. 4. Abnormal status light: this light is off when it is normal. If there is no problem with the monitoring of the above lights, it means that the uv printer nozzle board has been installed correctly, and the technicians can use the equipment to print normally.
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