Principle and classification of heat transfer machine equipment

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
1. Basic principles of equipment

1. From the principle of sublimation transfer, each heat transfer machine is a heating element of different shape, and the temperature of the heating element is controlled within a range through an external temperature controller. At the same time, in order to facilitate the control of the sublimation transfer time, a time controller is added, which will remind the user when the set time is reached.

2. From the circuit principle, the thermal transfer equipment is a temperature controller and a time controller to control an electric heating device. The temperature and time can be preset, and the temperature of the electric heating device is stable at the set value. It will also automatically cut off the power after reaching the set value. Of course, this heating element is made into cylindrical, square plane, round surface, circular surface and other shapes according to the transfer of different products, so as to transfer different products.

Second, the classification of equipment

1. According to the different products of the transfer: it is divided into the baking cap machine, the baking pan machine, the baking cup machine, the flatbed machine (as for the curved surface transfer machine and the universal transfer machine, there is no substantial difference, in fact, it is an oven. The name is artificially contrived, so I won’t introduce it here);

2. According to time and temperature control mode: divided into analog control, semi-digital control, and dual digital control;

3. Among them, the flatbed machine is the most widely used and the most widely used. It is not only used for personal transfer printing, but also widely used in clothing factories, gift factories, and heat transfer industries, so flatbed machines are manufactured in addition to A variety of structures meet different needs. It is further divided into: ordinary direct pressure flatbed machine, high pressure direct pressure flatbed machine, ordinary shaking head machine (because the pressure is not as high as the high pressure machine, the cost is high, it is not practical and rare), the Korean shaking head machine (using bias bearing, transfer printing Time pressure can be very high).

4. In addition, it is the all-in-one transfer equipment, the common ones are 3 in 1 (plate, baking cup, baking tray), 4 in 1 (plate, baking cup, baking tray, baking cap), and more Most of the all-in-one devices, such as 9-in-1 or even 12-in-1, are often flashy. For example, adding a baking coaster with different diameters, even adding a set of upper pressing badges, etc., and some also adding an ultraviolet lamp to cure the crystal. However, in actual use, too much unity is very inconvenient in use. Generally, all-in-one machines have advantages when the rent is very expensive and the area is limited. If it is not the area limitation, the all-in-one machine will be very troublesome because of the need to replace parts when transferring different products. .
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