Printing speed of treadmill digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-18
The nozzles of digital printing machines are generally Epson 5th generation nozzles, Epson 5113 nozzles, and Epson 10th generation nozzles. Industrial nozzles are too expensive, so I won't talk about it in this article. Nozzle model number of nozzles printing speed DX5112 square meters/hour DX5224 square meters/hour DX5448 square meters/hour 5113250 square meters/hour 5113375 square meters/hour DX10212 square meters/hour DX10424 square meters/hour Among the current treadmill digital printing machines, the comparison is still using 5113 jets. Its efficiency is obviously much higher than DX5 and DX10. There are also DX5 configurations, but relatively few. Through comparison, we found that the speed difference between a single print head and a dual print head or even a four print head treadmill digital printing machine is huge. Take the single print head and dual print head of the same print head model, because the double print head channel is twice as much as the single print head. Relationship, the theoretical maximum speed of double nozzles is more than 4 times the speed of single nozzle. Although 5113 is a 4-color nozzle, the total number of nozzle holes of a single nozzle is far less than that of the fifth generation head, so its speed is also unmatched by a single nozzle.
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