Prospects for the development direction of digital printing machine technology

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
The current development status of the digital printing machine industry, the future development direction of the digital printing machine technology in the belt is mainly in the following four aspects: 1. The printing speed gradually increases with the printing orders, and the number of orders with an average of about kilometers is increasing. How to quickly supply and return orders, the time left for digital printing companies is getting shorter and shorter. How to increase production speed is a key issue. In particular, it is necessary to increase the production capacity of conductive belt digital printing machines to be more confident in order quality. Three: Intelligent production Digital printing processing factories generally require a constant temperature and humidity production environment, and their dependence on labor is gradually weakening. How to ensure the stable production of the conduction band digital printing machine, puts forward higher requirements on the equipment itself, and try to do so To unattended, intelligentization is a very important direction for the development of digital printing machines. Four: The discharge index of waterless printing is gradually compressed. Reducing water consumption is a requirement of the environmental protection part, and it is also a social need. The printing method of waterless and waterless printing such as conductive belt digital printing machine pigment printing is a trend in the future. Two: How to enhance the value of digital printing products should start from the aspects of fabric, pattern design, and production quality. The simple and rude way of blindly lowering prices is a kind of harm to the industry, and it is also irresponsible to consumers. Textiles must not only pass various tests, but also reflect the sense of design and quality. This is an effective way to increase value from price competition.
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