Purchase and maintenance of printing belt of cotton cloth digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
The selection of the guide belt of the digital printing machine requires a complete understanding of the equipment, and sometimes it is not that the higher the parameter value, the better. The use of a conductive belt with a high elastic modulus on equipment that does not require a high elastic modulus belt will increase the wear of the cotton printing machine and increase the energy consumption of the machine.   Cotton cloth digital printing machine manufacturing company will carefully consider the printing belt when designing the machine, and carry out necessary calculations and tests. Therefore, the original guide belt of the cloth printing machine is relatively reasonable, and it is best for printing and dyeing companies to use the original guide belt model when replacing the guide belt.   Tension adjustment. In the process of using the printing belt of the cotton cloth digital printing machine, users often encounter the problem of re-tensioning the belt under the conditions of machine maintenance, belt repair and belt replacement. Here we should first understand the stress and deformation process of the printing belt.
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