Purpose of cotton T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-23
The more versatile the T-shirt printing machine, the better, so that the range of orders can be wider. So what products can the pure cotton T-shirt printer print? Today, Yanyan’s editor will introduce you to everyone. The cotton T-shirt printer can print T-shirts, hoodies, shirts, underwear, denim, jerseys, and quick-drying clothes. In addition to these, the cotton T-shirt printer can also print pillows, canvas bags, etc. and textiles. Generally speaking, pure The cotton T-shirt printing machine can print most textiles. At present, pure cotton T-shirt printers are mainly used to print T-shirts, and most of them are cut pieces and ready-to-wear printing. In developed countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States, these types of personalized T-shirts are now basically the world, followed by hats. There are no technical and technological problems in printing hoodies on pure cotton T-shirts, but the huge demand for personalized hoodies in Europe and the United States in the past two years has driven the digital direct-injection printing of hoodies. Then there are jeans. There are no technical and technological problems in printing denim fabrics with cotton T-shirt printing machines. The demand for personalized digital direct-injection printing on denim clothing has only started in the last two years, except for China, Europe, America, and Japan. In the region, Africa, which is relatively backward, has also begun to popularize personalized jeans made with cotton T-shirt printers. The use of cotton T-shirt printers to make polyester fabrics such as jerseys, quick-drying clothes, and sportswear has also become popular in the past two years. In the past, clothes with this fabric were limited by the technology of the cotton T-shirt printing machine. Color polyester fabric clothes generally can only be printed by hand, which is time-consuming, laborious, expensive and not low in cost, but now it’s good, Yanyan has solved the problem of direct printing on cotton T-shirt printers with dark polyester fabrics. Difficult problem. Cotton clothes, windbreakers, down jackets and other thicker clothes are currently not suitable for printing with a cotton T-shirt printing machine. In addition to clothes, the cotton T-shirt printing machine can also be used to print other textiles, such as pillows and canvas bags. The printed pillows on Taobao are made by cotton T-shirt printers, and cotton T-shirt printers are used to print canvas. The demand for bags is also huge. In the past, canvas bags were printed by hand, but the effect was average. The effect of canvas bags printed with a cotton T-shirt printer was incomparable with hand printing.
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