Quality Judgment Standard of Leather Digital Printing Machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
The industry has summarized many aspects of the quality judgment standards of digital printing machines, for example, from the aspects of leather printing machine printing accuracy and printing stability. Of course, the quality of equipment can not be ignored as well as materials, operating noise and other aspects. The most basic thing to buy a leather digital printing machine is to look at the printing quality of the equipment. The leather printing machine pays attention to the reproducibility of a color. The better the reproducibility, the higher the quality of the product. When buying a leather digital printing machine, some customers require the color card, which can better reflect the manufacturer's professionalism in color management. There is absolutely no 'drawing' phenomenon when the leather printing machine is printing. There are generally two reasons for wire drawing, one is that the ink is not fluid enough, and the other is that the nozzle is damaged. Therefore, when selling leather digital printing machines, many manufacturers will provide the original inks from the manufacturers, and I also suggest that users try to use the original ink consumables from the manufacturers as much as possible. If the manufacturer has insufficient ink fluency, it will be difficult to make a good product after purchasing a leather printing machine. In terms of print heads, the current new industrial print heads are Toshiba print heads. Toshiba print heads are industrial print print heads with long service life, generally between 24 months and 36 months. The print quality is high, and the color is high-definition. Beyond reach. The most important point is that the leather digital printing machine using Toshiba nozzles can achieve continuous operation for 24 hours * 7 days without clogging. When purchasing a leather printing machine, users hope that the noise is as small as possible. The reason is simple, the smaller the noise, the smaller the friction response between the components, and the better the cooperation between the components. The same is true for the purchase of leather digital printing machine. The louder the leather printing machine prints, the greater the friction between the machine parts. The greater the friction, the greater the wear of the leather digital printing machine. The louder the sound, it may be this one. There will be some problems in the design, assembly or component coordination of the leather printing machine, which may affect the life of the leather digital printing machine, and it will also cause certain health damage to the personnel working in a noisy environment.
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