Reason analysis and solution of ink flying in leather digital printer

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
When the leather printer is working, the distance between the nozzle and the leather is generally maintained at a height of about 3mm. Too low is not safe, and too high, and it is easy to cause some phenomena such as ink flying. At this time, you can appropriately lower the leather digital printer nozzle. the height of. 2. Static electricity Because the ink droplets ejected by the digital leather printer are very small and easily interfered by static electricity, the ink droplet ejection position will be inaccurate. There are two reasons for static electricity. One is the static electricity generated by the digital leather printing machine itself. To prevent this, grounding and installing static elimination equipment around the nozzles can be used. When the air humidity is low, static electricity is easy to generate. This phenomenon can be solved by installing air temperature and humidity control equipment in the workshop. Flat leather printer 3. Excessive air flow rate. The workshop where the digital leather printer is placed has more ventilation equipment, too many doors and windows that are easy to enter the air, and the air conditioner directly blows the leather printing machine, etc., will increase the air flow rate under the nozzle. Speed u200bu200bup and blow the ink droplets ejected from the digital leather printer. The solution to this is that the workshop where the leather printing machine is placed is sufficiently sealed, and the air conditioner should not be blown against the leather printer at close range. 4. The print head is not in good condition. When the print head is not in good condition, there will be ink flying. At this time, you can contact the digital leather printer manufacturer to replace or repair the leather printing machine nozzle.
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