Reasons and solutions for the easy damage of the nozzle of the garment digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
The price advantage and excellent performance of T-shirt printing machines are becoming more and more competitive in the market. However, some sales staff do not have enough basic knowledge when selling garment printing machines, which will mislead customers. Some customers always think that domestic T-shirt printers or original digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines always show burning nozzles and change nozzles. This is the question that users who use domestic garment printing machines most want to deal with. Why does the compatible nozzle simply burn out? The nozzle of the T-shirt printer is originally a resistor that generates heat for a short period of time. The nozzle has 208 or 416 nozzles. The computer will control the temperature of a certain nozzle to increase. After raising the ink to a certain high temperature, the ink will bubble, and then pass through the nozzle. Spray on the data. This is also the principle of thermal foam inkjet for digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines. Because the resistors often work cold and hot, they are simply worn out, that is to say, the nozzle of the garment printing machine is a consumable item. As long as we usually pay more attention to protection, we can reduce the chance of damage. Under normal use, the effect will usually become worse when it reaches about 2000ML, and sometimes it may be suddenly unavailable and burned out for a few days before and after. How to protect? 1. It is best to suck the nozzles first before turning on the T-shirt printer. Use the cleaning bar to understand the condition of each nozzle, and insist that the nozzles are unblocked. 2. Before printing, check the contact strip and the chip part of the print head for ink, and keep it clean. Do not have water or ink on the contacts, as it will cause a short circuit and burn out. Many people are negligent, and they do not pay attention to this when they are busy, and the nozzles are naturally unable to be used. This is originally a short-circuit and burnout of the nozzles of the garment printing machine. I need to focus on this. Many brothers like to use cups to add water to the nozzles. Originally, warm water to soak the T-shirt printer nozzles is helpful to the nozzles, but it is not suitable for long periods. To soak it, sometimes throw it aside after a few days or even half a year. As a result, the print head of the garment printing machine touches the circuit to soften, damage, and simply conduct water conduction, so we must not use this method. T-shirt printer nozzles present a problem if there are professionals present to deal with it, it is best. If you want the T-shirt printer nozzle to perform well and the ink will not break during printing, it is best to loosen the ink needle first, suck for a few seconds, then tighten, and suck for a few seconds. At this time, the digital direct-injection T-shirt The pressure of the print head is balanced. Many people just tighten the ink needle and suck the ink after entering it. It is difficult to see whether the pressure is balanced or not. This can only be discovered when printing. Sometimes it can't be dealt with after sucking several times in succession, which is the factor. Originally, we should not think too much about whether the life of the T-shirt printer nozzle is calculated according to how many ML or how many days is calculated. What is more important is that the daily maintenance of the personnel themselves is the most important.
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