Reasons for the slow development of industrial direct injection machines

by:angelacrox     2021-09-11
The direct injection machine has not been on the market for more than 2 years, and the equipment technology is still being improved. Therefore, the majority of users are on the sidelines of the new equipment technology. 2. The price of industrial sprinkler equipment is relatively high, and it is difficult to be accepted by people in the short term. At present, the price of industrial direct injection machine equipment is between 150,000 and 250,000. , They took out 15-25 million to buy equipment at a time, they think the risk is too great. Therefore, most people prefer to choose more affordable Epson nozzle direct injection equipment. 3. The post-maintenance cost of industrial sprinkler equipment is relatively high. The price of industrial direct sprinkler nozzles is between 80 and 25,000, and some may be higher. Although the theoretical life of industrial sprinklers is 1-3 years, in actual use, they are generally only about 1 year. Industrial direct injection machine equipment has at least 5 nozzles (Ricoh G5 equipment has at least 3 nozzles), then the cost of replacing the nozzles in about 1 year is: (8000-25000 yuan)/piece*5u003d40,000-100,000/year , Or Ricoh G5 equipment: 25,000 yuan/piece*3 piecesu003d75,000/year Advantages of industrial equipment and civilian equipment: Industrial equipment is mainly Seiko, Konica, Ricoh, and advantages: fast printing speed ;Civilian equipment is represented by Epson, advantages: ultra-high printing accuracy;
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