Reducing the clogging of the garment printing machine can reduce the cost of printing

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
Is the clothing printing machine plugged into the net? Let's listen to Yanyan's editor to give you an analysis: ①Emulsified paste can generally be used as a thickener, and the dosage should be just right, not too much. Excessive dosage will affect the rheology and easily cause the T-shirt printing machine to jam. ②The choice of crosslinking agent. The cross-linking agent can cross-link the linear structure of the adhesive into a network structure and form a film on the fabric. Generally, it is required that the pigment printing paste does not increase the viscosity, which is beneficial to the direct-injection garment printing machine without blocking the net. ③The choice of adhesive. Binder is one of the main components of paint color paste. The fastness of the T-shirt printing machine's paint printing pattern and whether the screen is blocked depends on the quality of the adhesive. It should be selected for good thixotropy, strong adhesion, high color supply, slow film formation, and good filterability. An adhesive that is easy to operate, does not turn yellow after baking, and has a soft hand feeling. ④ Urea is a hydrophilic substance, which has moisture absorption and solubilizing effects. Adding a proper amount of urea to the paint printing pattern color paste can solve the problem of adhesive skin formation, improve the rheological properties of the color paste, and help the scraper to smoothly print and prevent the clothing printing machine from clogging. ⑤ The surface finish of the printed fabric should be good, and the singeing should be above level 3 to reduce the short hair on the fabric and prevent the T-shirt printing machine from clogging. ⑥The squeegee has good elasticity and clean scraping, so that the paint color paste has a strong penetrating ability and prevents the network from clogging. Pay attention to the flatness of the blade edge and the curvature of the blade surface. If the blade edge is uneven and the blade surface is curved, the elasticity of the blade is inconsistent, which will make the inner wall of the cylinder unclean and cause the clothing printing machine to jam. ⑦The paint color paste is easy to condense at high temperature. Pay attention to the temperature changes in the workshop. In the high temperature season, you can add glycerin or urea in the color paste. The color paste should be filtered before being applied to the T-shirt printing machine. The mesh number of the nylon mesh should be more than The mesh of the rotary screen is twice as large. ⑧The particle size of the paint has a great influence on the plug net, and some paints have a relatively coarse particle size and should not be used. ⑨The rubber guide belt should be kept flat and clean. If there is dry pulp condensation, the surface is uneven, the elasticity is reduced, and the uneven pressure of the squeegee will cause the clothing printing machine to block the net. The reverse side of the guide belt and the support shaft of the guide belt should be cleaned frequently with organic solvents. . ⑩After printing, the color paste pattern should be cleaned immediately, and the areas that are not clean should be sprayed with a spray gun to prevent conjunctiva and cause the T-shirt printing machine to jam.
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