Seven deadly sins of low temperature and easy blocking of pure cotton T-shirt digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
The T-shirt printing machine also has a problem of ink not flowing smoothly. When the multimeter is turned on, the voltage is normal, the motherboard is OK, and the nozzle status is surprisingly fine. Okay, if non-machine faults are ruled out, there is only one possibility. The low temperature makes the machine. There was a little temper. Taking a break from the busy, the engineering department interviewed and checked information on the Internet, and finally collected the seven deadly crimes of low temperature and easy blocking of the cotton T-shirt digital printing machine. 1. Dry days and static electricity are usually accompanied by low humidity. When the humidity is low, static electricity is more likely to be generated. The ink ejected from the nozzle of the T-shirt printing machine is very susceptible to static electricity. This phenomenon will appear. Solution: Place the pure cotton T-shirt digital printing machine in a relatively closed workshop, and place a temperature and humidity controller in the workshop. 2. Low temperature is a low-quality ink. The quality of the cotton printing machine ink on the market is uneven, but it is not that the inferior ink will block the nozzle as soon as it is installed. When it is hot, it may still be used. When the temperature is low, I directly photographed the original shape. Solution: If not necessary, do not change the ink easily. If you want to change the ink, choose the ink of a big brand or manufacturer. 3. Low temperature will affect the curvature of the piezoelectric crystal inside the print head. Low temperature will affect the curvature of the piezoelectric crystal inside the print head. , Which will cause various phenomena such as ink breakage, ink shortage, ink flying, oblique jetting, etc., what's more, it will directly burn the piezoelectric crystal of the T-shirt printing machine. Solution: try to fine-tune the piezoelectric voltage (novices should not try) 4. The fusion of the surrounding environment will affect the ink and nozzles. Genuine nozzles and better quality inks are generally not affected by temperature and humidity, but the fusion of temperature and humidity, There will also be certain effects, such as blurring and siphoning in pure cotton digital printing opportunities. Solution: Install air conditioners in the workshop to control the temperature and humidity. 5. The maintenance method should also be adjusted appropriately. Low temperature will harden the texture of the nozzle wiping cloth that is usually used, and it will easily scratch the cotton T-shirt digital printing machine when wiping. Sprinkler. Solution: You can use a special nozzle to wipe the paper. 6. The ink is too viscous. If the ink is too viscous, it will cause insufficient ink supply, insufficient inkjet volume, and intermittent color of the T-shirt printing machine. It is especially prominent in low temperatures. Solution: switch to ink with moderate viscosity. 7. The ink viscosity is too low. If the ink viscosity is too low, the inkjet speed will increase, the actual inkjet volume will increase, the color will be distorted, and the distortion will be aggravated at low temperatures. Solution: Please get the WeChat account of Jia Yanyan for more information as in Article 6. Welcome everyone to come to discuss and exchange.
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