Six magic weapons of Xiangyu cloth direct-injection digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-23
Intended customers of digital printing machines want to know things. Next, I will answer for everyone! What are the advantages of Xiangyu cloth digital printing machine? 1. The models cover the full range of Yanyan equipment including: cloth printing machine, T-shirt cut piece direct-injection printing machine, sweater and scarf acid printing machine, and home textile four series of industrial-grade cloth digital printing machine. There are many models to meet the different needs of different customers. 2. Stable performance Xiangyu cloth digital printing machine has stable performance, high printing accuracy, low scrap rate, and different printing speeds from 50m2 to 400m2, which can fully meet the different needs of printing proofing, on-demand production, and mass production. 3. Yanyan, a national high-tech enterprise, is a national high-tech enterprise. The company has a number of digital printing machine technology patents, and its Ru0026D and technical strength has reached the international leading level. 4. The print head can be repaired. After the print head of the Xiangyu cloth digital printing machine fails, it does not need to be replaced and can be repaired directly. The maintenance cost of the later machine is lower. 5. Matching supply of machine and ink Yanyan is one of the few manufacturers in the world that integrates the research and development and manufacturing of digital textile printing machine and digital textile printing ink. Disperse ink has the advantages of excellent washing fastness, dry/wet rubbing fastness, light fastness, bright colors, soft hand feeling, and high cost performance. In a true sense, we can provide customers with the overall service and support of digital printing! 6. After sales, Yanyan provides professional after-sales service, which can solve various problems encountered during the use of the cloth printing machine in a timely and effective manner, and ensure that the manufacturer's production can be carried out effectively and stably.
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