Small T-shirt printer suitable for home business

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
If a T-shirt printer starts a business, it can be said that the risk is quite low. However, traditional printing requires a dedicated drawing room, a plate making room, a wide printing workshop, and a post-washing disposal workshop. The cost of the consumer plant is high and the investment is large. These advantages of T-shirt printers have basically transformed the concept of traditional textile consumption and operation, completed the green consumption of textile printing, combined the traditional textile industry with ancient high-tech techniques, and transformed it from rest-intensive to high value-added. The development of customized processing has greatly enhanced the upgrading of textile digital printing. As a result, people in the international and foreign industries all agree that the digital T-shirt printing machine is one of the disruptive printing machines in the dyeing industry in the 21st century. Although the digital T-shirt printer has the above-mentioned advantages, its slow printing speed, the color depth needs to be further enhanced, and the high price of the digital T-shirt printer are still the main obstacles restricting the wide-scale implementation of this technology. In order to solve these bottlenecks, many international T-shirt printing machine manufacturers have added digital direct-injection T-shirt printers to the research and development. At present, many problems will be gradually broken.
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