Some misunderstandings of direct-injection 3D digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Digital printing machines can print 3D three-dimensional patterns. 3D digital printing machines are actually used by some manufacturers to confuse the concept. So how do digital printing machines print 3D patterns? 1. Starting from the design, the designer can design a 3D pattern with strong visual impact according to the color of the fabric and the size of the clothes, and then use a digital printing machine to print the pattern on the fabric, so as to achieve the naked eye 3D effect The test of this method is the designer’s design skills and creativity. It really has nothing to do with the digital printing machine. As long as there are suitable materials, a digital printing machine can print very realistic 3D effects. 2. Starting from the process, the combination of traditional techniques such as foam printing and drawing slurry with digital printing machines can not only achieve very realistic 3D visual effects, but also realize the real 3D feel of unevenness, which not only improves the added value of printed products , And it also allows the continuation of the waste heat of traditional hand printing. The core of this craft is actually the power and creativity of the designer, followed by the skills of the hand printing master, so the so-called 3D digital printing machine is just a gimmick, its essence It is an ordinary digital printing machine.
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