Standard of Operation Process of Cotton Digital Printing Machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
In order to solve the problem of environmental protection, the digital printing machine has optimized the machine, process and ink. It can print directly on pure cotton cloth without sizing or steaming. Once it appears, it will detonate the market, but it has one shortcoming, that is The efficiency is not as high as the active digital printing machine. The following is an introduction to the working process standard of the cotton paint direct-injection digital printing machine: 1. Picture processing: If the picture is produced with AI and other software, then basically how to do it, export the jpg picture in CMYK format. Then import it into the software supporting the digital printing machine, and convert the picture format into a picture that the printing software can recognize. If the picture is not high-definition or the effect is not ideal, you need to use PHOTOSHOP for processing first. 2. On the machine: Put the cloth on the machine, and then you can start the digital printing machine to start printing. There is really no need for sizing. The whole process can be unattended, the cloth is put on one side, and the cloth winder automatically retracts. The roll is finished after printing. 3. Into the tunnel furnace: the printed cloth needs to enter the tunnel to fix the color. The cloth coming out of the tunnel furnace is the finished product. There is really no need for soaping and steaming. This saves a few steps and not only saves a few processes, but also brings very obvious economic benefits: 1. It can be unattended, and one person can watch 5 to 10 cotton paint direct-injection digital printing machines. Workers who come down are all profitable. 2. The sizing, soaping, and cooking processes will produce a lot of waste water and waste gas pollution, but the cotton paint direct-injection digital printing machine does not produce any waste water and waste gas. No longer have to worry about the environmental protection department putting up seals and fines.
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