Summary of the analysis of the nozzle of the pure cotton digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
The nozzle of the digital printing machine is Starlight 1024, and the nozzle of the highest precision pure cotton printing machine is Epson's fifth-generation head. For UV printers, Ricoh Epson competes for hegemony and survives in the other cracks. The mainstream of the print head of the pure cotton digital printing machine is still Epson. At present, the fifth generation of the Epson print head is the only one. Although its speed is lower than 5113, its stability is unquestionable, and with the 5113 board With the gradual improvement in stability, the 5113 has a tendency to surpass the fifth-generation head, and the tenth-generation head is more used on small machines, such as the 6090. In fact, it is a starlight nozzle, which is only used by customers who have higher requirements for speed, such as high-speed dye sublimation printers and industrial-grade conductive belt pure cotton printing machines. Ricoh is used as the nozzle of the T-shirt printing machine, that is, this year, but it is really not optimistic about how much this head can do in textile digital printing. Under the chase of Starlight and Epson nozzles, it can only be used in pure cotton digital textile. Survive in the cracks to describe it. As for Kyocera, it's not much better. Except for digital direct-injection machines, other manufacturers rarely use this type of nozzle, which is too expensive. In terms of UV printers, Epson and Ricoh are equally divided, and Seiko and Konica are also in a state of survival in the cracks. For more information, please get Jia Yanyan's WeChat account. Welcome everyone to come to discuss and exchange.
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