Textile ink is in short supply, and the demand for pure cotton piece digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
Digital printing machine pure cotton fabrics, yarn-dyed cotton fabrics, creative patterns and creative striped fabrics are very popular. Some large-scale business stores have subscribed for more customers, the transaction volume has increased, and some batches have been sold in small and large quantities. Yarn-dyed sliver cotton fabrics and yarn-dyed lattice cotton fabrics continued to sell in small batches and multiple batches. Small batches and multi-variety batches were mostly subscribed by counterparts, and some urgent batches of counterparts increased their orders. After the holiday, the overall market for yarn-dyed cotton fabrics and printed cotton fabrics saw a slight increase in batches and local batches compared with the holiday season, but the overall market transaction growth was still relatively limited, mainly due to fluctuations. The number of pure cotton corduroy cotton flannel fabrics on the market has increased, but the types of styles sold are still limited. Some large-scale business stores have small and large transactions, but the overall market is still insufficient, and the increase in transaction volumes is still limited. The overall pure cotton wick The market price of cashmere is still relatively high.   home textile cotton cloth, especially cotton printed bed sheet, pure cotton printed quilt cover, and creative pattern fabrics sold well. Due to the relatively large number of door-to-door merchants in some large-scale operating stores, the number of small-volume and multi-variety transactions has continued to increase, resulting in a small increase in daily transactions in some large-scale operating stores. Varieties with widths of 160CM-280CM are sold in batches. Some creative pattern varieties and novelty new fancy fabrics are relatively in short supply, and the supply and demand of counterpart creative pattern varieties is smooth. After the holiday, the overall market for pure cotton bed linen and pure cotton quilt covers was smoothly subscribed. The prices of high-priced fabrics were relatively stable, and the prices of low-priced fabrics gradually increased slightly. In the China Textile City market, all kinds of pure cotton garment fabrics, pure cotton decorative fabrics, yarn-dyed cotton fabrics and other fabrics interact with knitting and warp-knitted mesh fabrics. The sales of pure cotton fabrics after the festival fluctuates slightly, and the corresponding fabrics are small. Increasing sales differentiation, the market sales of small and medium-sized business households are still relatively insufficient. Due to rising labor costs, the profit margins of downstream garment manufacturers have been compressed. Due to weak international market demand and insufficient foreign trade orders, the variety and volume of pure cotton cloth transactions in the China Textile City market are still relatively limited. It is still difficult for the overall sales volume to increase significantly for a while.
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