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by:angelacrox     2020-05-29
Surat: the biggest man in the countrymade fibre (MMF)
In order to meet the demand for innovative design of saris and garment materials in domestic and foreign markets, industry has taken a big step in digital printing technology. From hand-
The MMF industry has come a long way in the past decade.
Now, textile entrepreneurs are investing heavily in digital technology, the fastest growing method of printing textiles.
Industry insiders said that digital printing accounts for nearly the global printing textile market and will expand its share to up to 10 per cent in the next five years.
According to the global textile printing production report released by a leading US company,
Global industry analyst based
Due to the wide acceptance of digital printing and technical improvements in ink and consumables, print heads and printing machinery, global production of printed textiles is expected to reach 32 billion square meters by 2015.
\"Textile entrepreneurs are investing heavily in digital printing technology to capture the innovative textile printing market at home and abroad.
Nowadays, the digital printing market is driven by technological advances in inkjet printers, such as direct-to-
Fabric printers, \"said Amit Tandon, the company\'s chief marketing, which launched the impresss digital textile printer in the city.
Digital printers added by Tandon can be used in Sari, clothing materials, home fabrics and T-shirts.
The production capacity of impression digital printer is 500 per day.
President of Surat Textile Trade Association (FOSTTA)
Jay Lal said, \"The demand for digital printing for saris and clothing materials is increasing.
We have buyers from Delhi and other major markets who send their own unique designs for digital printing.
Industry insiders say there are at least 30 digital printers in the industry.
The number of digital printers may increase in the next few days.
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