The advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton cloth digital printing machine and flat screen printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
Digital printing machine technology has matured, and the output of pure cotton cloth printing machine has also been greatly increased. Due to its inherent defects, flat screen printing machines have gradually withdrawn from the stage of history. Today, Yanyan’s editor will come to analyze it all. The advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton cloth digital printing machine and flat screen printing machine. 1. What the pure cotton cloth digital printing machine brings to the enterprise is the change of production mode. The flat screen printing machine uses the screen to overprint the colors one after another. The more colors, the more screens are needed, and the relative operations are more complicated; but even if there are multiple screens, the printing patterns you see are still quite the same. Monotonous, unable to see the color gradient, high-resolution landscape images and the real skin tones of people. In addition to the complexity of the printing technology and the printing effect of the flat screen printing machine, the printing production process is lengthy. The process requires a lot of manpower, time and energy. The screen and equipment cleaning after production also consume a lot of water resources. If the screen is not used, it will become waste. This production method has a great impact on the environment and ecology. Large, so the flat screen printing machine does not meet the requirements of environmentally friendly production. 2. The pure cotton cloth digital printing machine promotes the transformation of corporate profit model. The pure cotton digital cloth printing machine breaks through the bottleneck of textile printing. With the combination of computer processing software, equipment, Korean ink, etc., it can directly print digitally stored real images or patterns on the fabric. It has a variety of pattern designs and color changes. Sex, is widely used in fashion design and fashion apparel industry. The cotton cloth printing machine is especially suitable for small-volume, diverse and customized production processes, which greatly reduces the cost of screen printing by 50% and the time schedule by 60%, and greatly shortens the overall production schedule, and quickly responds to customer needs. '3. Digital printing is conducive to promoting the transformation of the industry to green and environmental protection. The cotton cloth printing machine reduces the waste water output caused by the screen cleaning in the printing process, saves drugs and reduces waste by 80%, and meets the needs of cleaner production. The cloth digital printing machine makes the dyeing and finishing industry more technological, more environmentally friendly, faster and more diversified.
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