The core advantage of environmentally friendly and pollution-free digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
Digital printing machines are getting more and more popular, and screen printing is getting less and less? This is because the digital printing machine has the advantages of environmental protection and pollution-free, while the screen printing has been gradually banned by the government due to its environmental pollution and heavy pollution. In this overwhelmed ecological environment, heavy industries such as coal, chemicals, building materials, papermaking, and pharmaceuticals have been renovated, and manufacturing industries such as electronics, toys, printing and dyeing have also undergone self-improvement. Especially traditional printing and dyeing companies, they have been tested by the industry. Some printing and dyeing companies that did not meet the standards for wastewater and exhaust emissions died out in the remediation, but at this time a digital printing technology that combines digital and printing appeared, printing and dyeing companies One after another, they abandoned traditional printing machines and introduced digital printing machines with higher speed, efficiency, intelligence and environmental protection. Europe, as an area where digital printing machine manufacturers developed earlier, has now fallen. Japan and Israel are relatively strong in this regard. my country has been catching up with it. Judging from the development status in recent years, my country's digital printing machine Manufacturers continue to develop higher-speed, more environmentally friendly digital printing machines. The industry generally believes that the level of Japanese digital printing machines is a higher level, but many equipment manufacturers in China are constantly chasing after them in order to gain a place in the country. For a while, printing and dyeing enterprises have shown a phenomenon of 'a hundred flowers blooming'. The performance of domestic digital printing machines in China's textile machinery market is gradually approaching the level of similar foreign products, with high cost performance, good process adaptability, and timely after-sales service, forming a greater competitive advantage for foreign companies. With the continuous increase of domestic labor prices, consumer demand has increased unabated. Digital printing is compatible with the entire market without the need for plate making, no washing, no waste gas, or waste water. It can be seen that the green production of digital printing machines has become the mainstream equipment in the printing and dyeing industry, and it will be more sustainable on the road of future development.
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