The cotton digital printing machine is an evolutionary version of the printer

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
Digital printing machines and uv printers are actually improved on the basis of printers. In addition to improving the machine to meet the needs of cotton printing, the special paint ink for cotton printing machines is also replaced. It can be said The cotton digital printing machine is an evolutionary version of the printer. In order to let everyone know the difference between the cotton digital printing machine and the printer more clearly, today's editor of Yanyan will give you a detailed description of the difference between the two. 1. The ink printer uses eco-solvent ink, which has four colors: yellow, red, blue, and black, which is what we usually call CMYK. There is no white ink, so it can only print patterns on light-colored materials. In fact, The printer cannot print white ink. First, there is no white eco-solvent ink on the market. Second, even if there is white eco-solvent ink, because the eco-solvent ink dries slowly, the white ink is sprayed first, and then the color ink is sprayed on the white ink. Color ink is easy to disperse. The cotton digital printing machine uses textile inks in five colors: yellow, red, blue, black, and white, and can print patterns on dark fabrics. 2. The printed material The printer can print all materials, but in fact, the printer is currently mainly used in leather, leather, picture frames and other fields that require very high image quality. The cotton printing machine is mainly used in the textile digital printing field, and it is mainly used for printing. Contain cotton or natural animal and plant fiber fabrics. 3. The process printer needs a spray coating before printing patterns, and different materials have different coatings. It will automatically dry after printing. The cotton digital printing machine does not need coating, and it needs to be sprayed directly after printing. Dry and fix at high temperature. 4. The coating of environmentally friendly printers is odorous and volatile. The production process is not environmentally friendly. There is no waste gas or waste water during the production process of the cotton digital printing machine. It is completely safe and environmentally friendly without any peculiar smell.
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