The development history of ink for pure cotton digital direct-injection garment T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-21
T-shirt printing machine ink only costs thirty or forty dollars. Due to low profits, Rohm and Haas stopped making inks around 2008. Ink prices for many pure cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt garment printing machines in Southeast Asia are not expensive. Now, domestic inks have grown stronger. As the demand for more and more dark pure cotton printing grows, the flat pure cotton direct-injection T-shirt digital printing machine is increasingly inseparable from white ink. Around 1997, many companies plunged into the research and development of textile white ink. At the beginning of the second millennium, most of them ended in failure. Only DuPont was left. DuPont’s pure cotton digital direct-injection clothing T-shirt printing machine White ink was launched at the Atlanta ISA trade fair in 2005, which caused a huge response in the industry. It can be described as a glorious moment. Even so, the white ink of pure cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt garment printing machine is still not very mature. Due to the frequent blocking of machines, many garment printing factories are extra cautious when buying machines. Around 2007, DuPont introduced an upgraded version of white ink for the digital direct-injection T-shirt digital printing machine for pure cotton. The stability, fluency, and color fastness have been improved to varying degrees. So far, the bottleneck of pure cotton ink in the textile industry has been completely solved.
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