The development of leather direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
Leather direct injection equipment cannot imitate textile direct injection equipment. Direct injection equipment in the leather industry is divided into direct printing equipment, transfer printing equipment, and some auxiliary equipment. a. Direct direct injection equipment: In the past, of course, the plate was manually lifted. It has the advantages of rapid pattern change, wide adaptability, and convenient color registration. However, the biggest problem with manual lifting for leather printing is the large amount of waste caused by the irregularities of the leather. The technical term is called paste edge, which must be repaired with scissors at the end, so manual lifting is used in leather printing. Not much. At present, the most common leather printing machine is the drum printing machine. The leather special drum printing machine developed by South Korea has an excellent printing effect and can print any fine pattern. The utilization rate of the leather can be maximized and there is basically no waste. In addition, there are dripping machines and embossing machines. b.Leather direct injection machine: Whether it is a simple block color pattern, a full-color pattern or a pattern with excessive color, it can be printed at one time, without plate making, printing and repeated color registration, and the application field is very wide. c. Transfer printing equipment: transfer printing requires a paper printing machine and a heat transfer machine. In foreign countries, film is used instead of paper, so a film printing machine can also be used. The heat transfer machine is different from textiles, it requires high pressure, the normal working pressure is 20~30kg/cm2, and oil pressure is generally used. The temperature requirement is not high, the highest is 120 degrees, and the normal 80 degrees is enough. d. Auxiliary equipment: Auxiliary equipment is the key equipment of the leather printing factory, which is related to product types and market share.
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