The difference between digital direct-injection printing and traditional screen printing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-04
When a T-shirt printing machine gives customers a sample, we usually use two pieces of digital direct-injection printing, one piece of fabric is dark (usually black) and the other light (usually white). After the customer receives the sample: ' We are very satisfied with the printing effect of your light-colored fabric. It has no hand feeling at all, and the color is very bright, but how does the dark fabric have a layer of touch, a bit like silk screen printing, and the craftsmanship of your two samples is definitely different.” Such customers usually understand this kind of machine for the first time, and it is normal to not understand the difference between silk printing and digital direct-injection printing. After reading the video of digital direct-injection printing on colored fabrics, customers basically fully understand it. The following is a detailed explanation of the difference between digital direct-injection printing and screen printing in the form of a chart. Comparison items. Digital direct-injection printing. Color, it is necessary to make 100 plates. There is no limit to the number of colors. It is very troublesome to print out all colors and more than 4 colors at a time. The more colors the higher the defect rate, the lower the efficiency. The effect can be printed with gradual color effects, also Printing hair silk, more lines and other very fine effects can not print gradual colors, can not print high-precision graphics effects, scattered orders, small orders are more efficient than silk screen printing, and the efficiency is much lower than that of silk screen printing when there are fewer colors. The efficiency of 4 colors is much higher than that of digital direct-injection printing. The more colors, the lower the efficiency. The light-colored fabrics have no feel at all, and are breathable. Printing the same pattern can’t guarantee the same effect. The effect of printing will vary depending on the operator and the strength of the squeegee. Environmentally friendly, very safe, environmentally friendly, and not environmentally friendly. It can be seen from the comparison of the above table that the color of screen printing is better. In rare cases, the printing efficiency is much higher than that of T-shirt printers, and other items are far from digital direct-injection printing. Especially in the area of u200bu200benvironmental protection, it is a fatal flaw in screen printing.
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