The difference between single nozzle and double nozzle or multi nozzle for clothing T-shirt digital direct printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
The T-shirt printing machine generally adopts the 4 white and 4 color mode. When printing dark clothes, spray a layer of white ink first, and then print the color ink. A single nozzle can achieve very good results, but the efficiency is very low, one hour Only a few clothes can be printed. The tenth-generation head has 6 channels. If it is a single nozzle, it is generally used in the T-shirt printing machine with 2 white and 4 colors mode. Because it only has 2 channels to spray white ink, the ink jet volume of white ink cannot cover the white background. Even, so the white background is not enough, so the effect is not ideal when printing clothes with dark fabrics. Epson industrial print heads have 4 channels. With a single print head, it can only be in CMYK mode, so there is no way to lay a white background, so only light-colored fabrics can be printed. The Xingguang 1024 industrial print head has 2 channels and can only print two colors, so if it is the Xingguang 1024 industrial print head, a single print head will not work. Then let’s talk about dual nozzles or multi-nozzles. Machines with dual or multi-nozzles usually spray white ink with at least one nozzle. In this case, the amount of ink jetting for white ink is completely sufficient, so the white background that it ejects is white enough. Therefore, the color of the color ink on the white ink is bright enough. It can not only realize the white color at the same time, but also makes the operation of the clothing direct printing machine easier. The number of superimposed nozzles greatly improves the direct printing T-shirt printing machine. The efficiency makes it very suitable for industrial large-scale digital direct-injection printing.
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