The difference between Xiangyu digital printing machine and traditional screen printing

by:angelacrox     2021-08-23
The comprehensive digitization of the digital printing machine allows us to provide customers with more flexible printing methods, that is, printing while changing, printing while changing, 50 today, 100 tomorrow, how many printings are used, and truly achieve zero inventory. This flexible and fast printing method enhances the customer's advantage in a competitive environment where every second counts.   3. No need for print volume: enjoy high-quality prints, no need to 'print volumeThe flatbed printing machine can completely realize the requirement of printing one sheet and waiting for the desirability immediately.   Yanyan printing machine is a brand new printing method that directly prints computer files on paper, which is different from the cumbersome process of traditional printing. Its characteristics: print one sheet, no need to make a plate, ready to wait, instant error correction, variable printing, printing on demand. The flatbed printer is a comprehensive technology developed on the basis of printing technology. It uses electronic text as the carrier and transmits it to the flatbed printer device through the network to realize direct printing. In the printing production process, no version and variable information are the biggest features, covering many technical fields such as printing, electronics, computers, networks, and communications. 1. Yanyan printing machine is a fully digital information transmission, eliminating the need for film and printing plates in the machine version. 2. The information of Yanyan printing machines is 100% variable.  3. Yanyan printing machine is the process of using digital printing machine system to directly convert digital information into printed matter. The digital manuscript can be a digital file processed by the digital prepress system, or it can be sourced from the network or digital media.  4. The value of Yanyan printing machine comes from the service provided to the customer, rather than the inherent cost of the manufacturer. Flatbed printers using inkjet printing are currently the mainstream in the market.  Yanyan printing machine does not require the complicated process of traditional offset printing, and only needs to be sent from the computer to the printer to produce the finished product. Therefore, the urgent printing, variable printing, and on-demand printing are unattainable by traditional printing. Therefore, the flatbed printer industry really caters to the ever-changing demand for rapid printing of commercial prints, and the development speed is quite fast, and the development space is very large. 1. Business needs in the information age: In the information age, all kinds of business activities, whether it is business documents or corporate promotional materials, require accurate and novel information content, and the promotional materials printed by traditional printing methods are mostly because of ' “Limited print volume” requires one thousand or three thousand copies to be printed. The cost of a single sheet is cheap, but more companies have not waited for half or even dozens of sheets to be used because of the printed content and information. Change is wasteful if you don't need it. If you use the pen to change and reuse it, it will damage the corporate image. As a result, more companies only treat the new piles of printed matter as waste, which is actually 'cheaper to print but more expensive to use.'   2. Last-minute instant finished product: Flatbed printers, because they don’t need the complicated processes of traditional offset printing, they only need to bring computer files or send them on the Internet. It’s not too late for a meeting, bidding or business negotiation tomorrow. 3. The printing content is variable: Yanyan printing machine can print different personalized content, such as different wedding photos, material samples with company logo, variable barcode printing, etc. This is simply impossible with traditional color printing.
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