The elliptical digital printing machine has strong performance and can be called a little monster in the clothing printing machine world

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
The oval digital printing machine is a medium-sized model, and the daily output can easily reach more than 5,000 pieces. Although the efficiency of manual printing is not much lower, manual printing can not print the effect that the oval digital printing machine can make. Although the effect of digital direct jet printing is not inferior to the oval digital printing machine, its efficiency is far lower than that of the oval digital printing machine. 2. Relatively environmentally friendly. Although the oval digital printing machine still needs to make a plate, compared to manual printing, the pollution to the environment is much smaller. One pattern only needs one screen, and the digital glue is already very large. It is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell and does not volatilize, but if hand-printed, a pattern requires a lot of screens, and the hand-printed glue has a strong taste. 3. The technology that can be combined with the drawing oval digital printing machine is much richer than that of the digital direct injection machine, so it can produce effects that the digital direct injection machine can't do, such as hot stamping, hot silver, foam printing, etc. , Its biggest advantage is that it can be combined with digital direct printing, so that the dark fabric printing can be completely touchless, which is completely impossible for the digital direct printing machine.
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