The future market of direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Under the trend of more and more prosperous development of direct injection machines, the most important thing for micro piezoelectric printing technology is the printing accuracy (DPI) of piezoelectric direct injection machines. Point; it has also caused the universal concept that imported models have higher DPI than domestic models. Many well-known domestic printing equipment manufacturers also regard the printing accuracy of direct-injection machines as a strength selling point. DPI refers to the number of dots per inch that can be printed by a direct-injection machine. It is an important criterion for measuring the quality of printing accuracy and is also the most basic indicator for judging the resolution of a printer. In the past, 700DPI was considered appropriate in the era of direct-injection machines; now it has entered the era of micro-piezo direct-injection machines, and the printing accuracy of micro-piezo direct-injection machines is getting larger and larger. In the choice of micro-piezo direct-injection machine equipment, users have very high requirements for the color quality and expressiveness of the direct-injection machine, because the quality of the image color can better reflect the overall effect of the advertising spray painting surface. The introduction of the direct injection machine! It is highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers. The high-precision mode makes the picture quality perfect. The brand-new board control system adopts industrial-grade circuit control design to ensure the long-term stability of the machine! Rack mechanism Comprehensive upgrade, brand new aluminum alloy frame structure design, beam and platform accuracy error can be controlled within 10 wires and a number of industry-leading configurations! Front and rear paper pressing system, increase the front and rear paper pressing function, truly realize single operation! In recent years, Domestic direct-injection machines are rushing into the crowd. There are a dazzling array of brands at the exhibition. When buying direct-injection machines in 2016, everyone must look carefully before buying them. I also hope that the domestic direct injection machine manufacturers will work together and develop so that the domestic direct injection machine will be out of the encirclement. Although ordinary domestic machines are now relying on low prices to occupy a place in the market; it will not be long before I believe that China’s direct injection equipment will be compared with imported equipment. Like equipment, it firmly dominates the Chinese market and can also cover the global market.
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