The gap between domestic digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine and imported

by:angelacrox     2021-09-15
T-shirt printing machines are still flourishing in China. Of course, this also depends on China's national conditions. Its huge textile market is not available in other countries. In the process of everyone's needs, digital printing initially turned to 'personality and beautification'. The digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is to directly install the dye solution in a special box and radiate it on the fabric as needed. It is neither wasteful nor waste water pollution. It eliminates the dye solution discharged by the printing machine in the slurry room and reaches the printing process. No pollution. European digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines have been at the forefront of the global digital inkjet printing industry from time to time. They are the largest demand and consumer place for digital inkjet printing products. The sophisticated technical level assists its digital inkjet printing has penetrated into the planning, Textiles in various fields such as clothing, home textiles, car decoration, advertising, personalized customization, and online shops. In China, textile digital printing machinery and equipment are not weak, but high-end digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines still need to be imported. The skill integration and equipment integration are relatively low. The creative planning of clothing is still in the period of imitation. The low localization rate of high-end textile materials, the weak collaborative innovation talent, lack of investment, lack of talents, and the urgent need to construct low-carbon green textiles throughout the life cycle. It is urgent to continue to innovate through textile industry technology to break the bottleneck from large to strong. .
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