The growth process of digital direct-injection garment printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The development of the garment printing machine is basically such a process. The following editor of Yanyan will introduce the development history of the next three printing machines in chronological order: 1. Embroidery embroidery is a traditional craft of our country, especially hand embroidery, a cultural heritage left by the ancestors hundreds of years ago. , But with the development of the random era, manual embroidery is difficult to achieve industrialized scale application due to its unstable quality and efficiency. Therefore, computerized embroidery machines have appeared, which can be produced by one person without a plate, which is to pass through the computer in advance. The pattern designed by drawing software (PHOTOSHOP, Illustrator, etc.) can be used with the computer embroidery machine to realize the embroidering process. It is a small home automation embroidery machine and a common embroidery thread on the market. The cost of consumables is very low and it can be used in a wide range, such as handkerchiefs, towels, T-shirts, shirts, work clothes, etc. LOGO embroidery. 2. Thermal transfer T-shirt printing machine This kind of T-shirt printing machine also does not require plate making, and can be produced by a single person. After using the design, the finished product can be produced immediately. It is applied to the logo printing of various materials and fabrics, which is convenient and fast, and has a wide range of use. It is easy to realize the printing of nameplates, numbers, logos, etc. on T-shirts, shoes and hats. This program uses a dedicated A4 printer, a cutting plotter, a dedicated pressing machine and a lettering film (32 colors). These four are combined into a set called a thermal transfer garment printing machine, and the cost of single-piece printing is low. . This program is especially suitable for the requirements of uniform clothing (such as printing, printing, etc.) when schools, institutions, companies, etc. hold group activities. 3. The digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine undoubtedly adapts to the short-term trend of product small batch, multi-variety, personalized, fast delivery, high quality, fabric pattern and clothing style. As far as clothing is concerned, consumers are Under the basic requirements for the comfort, breathability and hygienic equivalent functions of clothing materials in contact with human skin, higher requirements are put forward for the additional value conferred by clothing, such as the design concept of printed patterns, visual effects, and branding. Value etc. The digital direct-injection garment printing machine has undoubtedly adapted to the development trend!
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