The main faults of the cotton digital printing machine are concentrated in the nozzle part

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
In the process of digital printing machine, we will encounter some problems more or less, but most of these failures are related to the print head, such as drawing, ink throwing, broken thread, etc. After understanding the causes of these cotton printing machine failures, we usually Preventive maintenance can be done in advance to prevent problems before they happen. 1. There are obvious broken lines and streaks. Solution: A: There is miscellaneous in the pipeline. B: There are impurities in the ink sac. Clean the ink sac pipe of the cotton digital printing machine. C: The ink is contaminated. D: There is a problem with the ink quality. Replace the ink. E: Environmental problems, the temperature is too low, install air conditioners to improve the working environment temperature. F: The nozzle is in poor condition. Replace the nozzle of the cotton printing machine. G: The nozzle surface is too dirty and fluffy. Clean the nozzle surface. H: The wiper blade, the ink stack is too dirty; clean the wiper blade, ink sac, and ink stack. K: There is an air duct in the ink bag to draw the air out of the ink bag. 2. The ink cart pauses for a few seconds at both ends of the image. Solution: A: Replace the computer with a faster speed. B: Using 100M network cable for transmission, the network transmission speed is faster than the printing port transmission speed. C: The machine crashes, and the outer cover of the cotton digital printing machine is grounded. D: The computer crashes, restart the computer. Third, the solution of dripping and throwing ink: A: The temperature is too low, increase the ambient temperature. B: The nozzle has not been cleaned, please clean the nozzle of the cotton printing machine again. C: The pipe or ink sac is broken. Replace the pipe or ink sac. D: Too much ink is added, and the amount of ink added does not exceed the ink level. 4. No ink from the print head. Solution: A: There is no ink in the ink sac (ink combined), draw ink or add ink. B: The print head data line is not plugged in properly, re-plug the print head data line. C: The nozzle is broken, replace the nozzle. D: The control panel of the print head car is faulty. Replace the control panel of the print car of the cotton digital printing machine. 5. Ink blocking treatment solution: A. In the process of printing, the gradual ink break: This kind of ink break is caused by the ink sac and nozzle of the cotton digital printing machine. The reason may be that the ink sac is dirty and the print head is aging. At this time, the ink sac and print head can be cleaned. If they are not clean, they need to be replaced. B. The ink breaks suddenly during the drawing process, and the ink breaks seriously. If you print a solid color base map, generally 5-10CM, the break is very severe. This type of ink break is mostly caused by the ink, and most of the ink is replaced.
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