The operation process of digital direct printing machine printing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
Digital direct-injection printing machines are generally large machines with high speed and high output. They care more about printing costs. At present, the printing cost of DuPont white ink is still too expensive, and the cost of an A4 full-width digital direct-injection printing is about 5 yuan. In order to reduce printing costs, many factories currently use silk screen printing combined with digital printing to reduce the printing cost of dark fabrics. That is to use silk screen printing to replace the DuPont white ink printing, and then digital printing. Although this greatly reduces the printing cost of the T-shirt printing machine, the production process is not environmentally friendly. With the increase in environmental protection investigations and the maturity of domestic white ink, this process basically loses its living space. Let’s talk about the printing process of the digital direct-injection printing machine. 1. Typesetting: Because a large machine can put more than ten or even dozens of clothes at a time, typesetting is not simply a matter of processing pictures. 2. Positioning: One It is the positioning of T-shirts or cut pieces. The second is the alignment of silk screen and digital printing. If the position is not correct, the white background will be exposed. This is a bit more troublesome, but once you set the position, you will continue to use it later, which is also very economical. Heart 3. Spreading 4. Scraping white background: Scrape three times, the first time the pre-treatment liquid, the second time the glue, and the third time a layer of slurry that allows the ink to be easily absorbed and not dispersed. 4 , Digital printing: that is, the digital direct-injection printing machine sprays color ink 5. Fixing: This process is also indispensable. The pre-treatment liquid is needed, and the latter layer of slurry is not required. Scratch directly, and the digital direct-injection printer will spray color ink after the scraping. Although the process is simplified, it is only a transitional method, and it is still not environmentally friendly.
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