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The principle of puff heat transer vinyl foaming

The principle of puff heat transer vinyl foaming


Puff heat transer vinyl is a foaming vinyl that makes a self-expansion by heat pressing. If you would like to make your design
 to be three-dimensional and voluminous, try Yanyan Puff PU!

It looks like normal PU but it expands under a single press creating cubic, 3D effects compared with normal film. In addition,
it provides soft and warm texture on your design. A clear, light adhesive backing enables intricate cutting and registration.


3D expansion effect

Soft and warm texture

Easy to cut and weed

Tips for use:

We recommend 'Gentle wash' for Puff PU because it is quite sensitive material and washing may deform the puff effect. 

Due to the characteristic of Puff PU, it is suitable for garment which is flexible and not too thick. 

Slight color variation between rolls could occur. 

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