The pure cotton digital T-shirt printing machine is the core equipment for the printing of ready-made garments

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
T-shirt printing machines have become the core equipment for garment and piece printing. This is because T-shirt printers not only have the advantages of environmental protection and pollution-free, digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines also have the following four advantages: 1. Response speed Fast T-shirt printing machine with its high-efficiency proofing can improve the company's response speed to orders and take the lead in the market. Now the competition among printing companies has intensified, processing prices have fallen, and profit margins have been reduced. Customers have put forward higher requirements for digital printing factories in terms of cost, response speed, quality, and service. Which company takes out samples first will be one step ahead and get orders. Improving the speed of proofing will undoubtedly enable the company to win in many competitions, and these all depend on the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. 2. The cost is reduced. The use of T-shirt printing machine for proofing can replace some of the original work that must be proofed on the rotary screen or flat screen printing machine, without occupying the machine time. Usually, it takes 3-4 hours for a T-shirt printing machine to print a sample. If the customer is not satisfied, it will repeat the correction, which will result in a huge waste of the company's production capacity. 3. Good proofing effect, high customer approval rate. Digital direct-injection T-shirt printers and traditional printing belong to a different system. Many professional technicians are worried that the proofing effect of T-shirt printing machines is too good, and traditional printing can't achieve this effect. , Originally this worry is unnecessary. In order to deal with this question, domestic companies have arranged in-depth research by the best skilled personnel in the country and have found a solution plan. This set of plans uses software to adjust the effect of digital printing proofing, so that the traditional printing machine can completely achieve the role of proofing in production. From a color point of view, because the color gamut of the paste used in traditional printing is wider than that of the digital printing ink, the color effect produced by the T-shirt printing machine can also be completely simulated by the traditional paste. 4. Wide range of applications. The inks that can be used for proofing now include reactive inks, acid inks, and loose inks. The use of loose inks for direct printing is still looking for suitable inks. In the customer's sample, if it is a paper draft or an electronic draft, it can be directly proofed with a T-shirt printer after the color separation process. The traditional printing machine can completely complete mass production in accordance with the proofing function. If the sample is a cloth sample, you need to clarify some characteristics of digital printing to the customer, and change the proofing mode after getting the customer's approval. The company must especially consider the customer’s ability to accept new things. For some of the more reserved customers, it is still safer to use traditional proofing methods. As long as digital direct-injection T-shirt printers become mainstream in shopping malls, they recommend digital direct-injection to some customers. T-shirt printing machine is suitable. This process will take about 2-3 years in China. Digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine technology and traditional printing technology are two completely different printing machine principles in printing, so the use of T-shirt printing machine proofing requires a running-in period with customers. From the perspective of the skills link, the company's internal proofing and production system must also have a run-in period. If there is, perhaps it is better to formulate a set of technical specifications, so that the company can quickly introduce a T-shirt printer proofing system, which is recognized by customers.
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