The reason why digital direct-injection printing is becoming more and more popular

by:angelacrox     2021-09-04
With the emergence of digital direct-injection printing machines and the gradual improvement of the process, these problems have been improved or solved. The digital direct-injection printing process is the combination of pigment particles and resin, after high temperature and the color fixing process of the fabric. The great progress has been made with the joint efforts of the company. First of all, the color has been greatly upgraded. The intervention of new materials has made the color gamut wider, and the successful application of white ink on the nozzle of the industrial direct-injection machine meets the needs of dark colors. For direct printing of fabrics, industrial nozzles are more suitable for white ink than micro piezoelectric nozzles because of their large nozzle holes and strong jetting force. In addition, the vividness of pigments is a relative concept, and these problems can be completely avoided through the designer's pattern design. Secondly, the improvement in fastness, the use of pre-treatment liquid and fixing agent, the color fastness of the fabric has been greatly improved, and the color fastness above grade 3 is acceptable in many fields. Finally, in terms of hand feel, customers who require high hand feeling can be treated with softeners, which require washing equipment. Compared with color screen printing, digital direct-injection printing has better hand feeling and air permeability, so garment printing does not require washing. Can do waterless printing. The above is an explanation for the improvement of the shortcomings of digital direct-injection printing. The most important thing is that the digital direct-injection printing process is water-free and pollution-free, which is an ideal way of energy conservation and environmental protection in line with our production and life. This is also an important reason why customers and manufacturers like it. Based on the above reasons, Yanyan's editor believes that in the field of textile printing, such as garment printing, digital direct-injection printing will gradually become popular.
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