The reason why the white color T-shirt printing machine stalled

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
T-shirt printing machines are the main ones. Although the T-shirt printing machine with white color has matured, everyone still has many doubts. What is the reason? 1. Some small processing factories pursue speed and quantity during the bursting period, but ignore quality; there are also digital printing processing factories that are eager to ship, do not spray pre-treatment liquid, do not dry, and order T-shirts with high quality requirements. The printing machine also uses high-speed 4pass to print, resulting in unqualified printing quality. 2. The digital printing industry is engaged in price wars. The decline in order prices and lower profits have caused many digital processing bosses not to strictly follow the steps, cutting corners and cutting materials, resulting in a decline in the quality of printing. 3. Some bosses who do digital printing processing do not have enough experience, do not understand craftsmanship, and do not understand drawing. White cloth treatment agent 1:10, the original solution needs to be 100% solid, and many of these process steps are not achieved. 4. The digital printing process of dark fabrics has problems: the cost of white ink is too high, and the current digital printing processing plants are still unable to accept the cost of white ink printing. The discharge agent is not environmentally friendly and immature, and the white drawn out is not white enough. Some small T-shirt printing machine manufacturers or irresponsible distributors cannot solve the problem of the alignment of the silk screen white background with the direct ink jet. 5. Nozzle selection: The speed of the 5th generation head is slow, but the ink output is more, stable, and the ink absorption is strong. White ink is still the first choice; the 5113 industrial head speed is slightly faster, but the stability is poor. White ink is still not recommended, but color Ink is completely fine. 6. Some immature T-shirt printing machine brands can modify the machine at will. The accuracy of the machine itself is unstable, the printing effect is immature, and it has not been tested by the market. It has been put into the market with a low price advantage, deceiving some customers and disrupting the digital printing market.
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