The secret of saving consumables for cloth digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-11
In the daily printing work of the cloth printing machine, the two major consumables, ink and electricity, are the cost of printing and output of the cloth digital printing machine. 1. Reasonable setting and printing can save ink more effectively. Printing ink is used as one of the important printing consumables of the cloth printing machine, and it is also a commonly used and necessary printing consumable. In printing output, the loss of ink caused by printing is also one of the cost calculations for inkjet printing. Reasonable setting and printing can save ink and save more effectively. 1. Before printing and outputting on the cloth digital printing machine, make sure that the relevant size of the picture is good, so as to avoid finding that the output is incorrect after printing, and wasting ink and printing media. 2. When printing text, if the print quality is not high, you can reduce the PASS printing by setting, so that it can meet the customer's printing requirements without costing ink, and the printing speed is fast. 3. In the normal maintenance of the cloth printing machine, especially in the case of nozzle cleaning, such as ink pumping and cleaning, if the problem cannot be solved by cleaning two or three times, you can check the related problems carefully, or use other nozzles The cleaning method, in general, drawing ink two or three times can basically solve the related problems. If it does not work, drawing more ink is a waste of ink, and the problem of the nozzle is still not solved. 4. The daily ink filling problem for the cloth digital printing machine. When adding ink, please add the volume recommended by the manufacturer to avoid adding too much or too little ink. If the ink is too full, it may cause related unknown failures. Use zero point writing. In the process of machine drawing, you should pay attention to the ink capacity to avoid problems such as empty ink cartridges; when adding ink, you can use the relevant funnel or ink tube to add ink to avoid spilling and waste of ink during the adding process. 2. Reasonably plan the pattern and splicing printing media 1. Before designing the printing pattern, you should pre-design and plan the relevant size calculation of the image printout, and design it according to the specifications of the material, so as to avoid the digital printing of cloth to a certain extent The problem of waste of printing materials, in addition, try not to set some useless white margins. Properly use conventional size materials and optimize the use of appropriate size materials. In short, save what can be saved as much as possible. This will also give customers a preferential price. As long as the quality of your printed pictures is good, the price is affordable, and it is natural Many customers will come automatically. 2. If the customer requires a specific size, for example, when there is a relatively large size screen, or a relatively small screen, you can use the imposition method to print out the cloth printing machine
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