The trend of digital direct-injection printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
Most of the digital direct-injection printing machines can only print pure cotton fabrics. They are too picky about the fabrics. Yanyan has already overcome the digital direct-injection process of polyester fabrics, that is, the digital printing machine does not change the ink. The clothes can also be printed directly like cotton fabrics, and dark polyester fabrics are also possible, but even so, digital direct-injection printing of dark fabrics with large elasticity is still a hurdle, although Can be done by hand Joe. 3. The dark fabric printing non-sense digital direct-injection printing machine needs a layer of white background when printing dark fabric clothes. In this case, it will have some feel to the touch, which will affect the comfort, so the future The direction of development must be hand-free. 4. Color fastness above level 4 can achieve color fastness of level 4 by directly spraying light-colored fabrics with digital printers, but the color fastness of dark fabrics printed by digital direct-injection printers can only reach level 3. If the fabric is too elastic, but the fabric does not absorb water, the color fastness may be lower, so the color fastness above level 4 is also the trend of digital direct-injection printing machines.
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