The use of transfer and digital direct-injection printing on cotton polyester short sleeves

by:angelacrox     2021-08-18
Application of T-shirt printing machine on short sleeves. First, the polyester fabric is relatively simple. The sublimation ink is printed on the paper, and then it can be directly pressed. It has no hand feeling and does not need to be washed. It is completely water-free printing. Second, there are several ways to choose from blended fabrics. A: You can use inkjet mirroring to print on heat transfer paper or transfer film, and then heat to achieve thermal transfer and complete printing. However, these two materials have a gel texture and are not breathable. B: Direct paint spraying, spread the short sleeves on the T-shirt printing machine, direct spray printing of ready-made garments, the paint fastness is slightly worse, but the color can be fixed by finishing to improve the fastness. Third, cotton fabric: In addition to the printing methods that can be used for blended fabrics, you can try to do reactive printing, sizing the short sleeves, and then reactive direct injection, steaming and washing. The combination of reactive digital printing machine and cotton is relatively firm, without discomfort to the hand, but the operation is slightly complicated. Now there is a printing method of cotton modification, then sublimation transfer, or even direct sublimation transfer printing. Whether it is mature is still under discussion.
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