The value of digital printing machine is not only reflected in environmental protection and pollution-free

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
The application value of the digital printing machine is far from being environmentally friendly and pollution-free, such as: simple operation, good printing effect, and high added value of product printing. Compared with traditional manual printing, its shortcomings will only become less and less. The following editor of Yanyan will introduce the value of the digital printing machine in detail: 1. The final value of the digital printing machine is environmental protection and pollution-free. The principle of the digital printing machine is to use computer control, and then directly spray the ink on the fabric through the machine, and perform on-demand inkjet printing during the production process. Multi-spray, the most waste produced is the residual ink on the nozzle, which can more effectively improve the waste water and waste gas pollution generated in the traditional printing production! 2. The value of the digital printing machine is embodied in the printing of a single piece, and the process is simple. The digital printing machine has no requirements on the batch and size of printing, and it can be printed in a single piece, without the need to make a screen in advance, thereby effectively reducing the number of digital printing plants. The time and cost of proofing the finished product, take out samples quickly. In this competitive market that races against time, only printing without printing conditions and fast printing can quickly occupy the market. 3. The value of the digital printing machine lies in its high precision and good printing effect. The printing accuracy of the digital printing machine is much higher than that of the traditional printing. The patterns are exquisite and rich, and the printing effect is 3D. It is more popular with consumers on the product. Moreover, it can also print personalized customized patterns at will, whether it is an individual Photos are still memorable scenery. As long as the pictures are repaired, they can be easily printed by issuing instructions, and the printing is flexible and fast! 4. The primary value of digital printing machine is high productivity and low cost. The digital printing machine is easy to operate and does not require too much manpower like traditional printing. The speed of digital printing is extremely fast. Take Yanyan's high-speed t-shirt white ink direct printing machine as an example, the printing speed of t-shirts can reach about 280 pieces per hour. , So as to achieve the goal of high capacity and low cost production. From the above four advantages, it can be seen that digital printing machines can not only bring more market competitiveness to digital printing factories, but also reduce environmental pollution. It is no wonder that many printing and dyeing enterprises have Digital printing has undergone a transformation.
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