There are several ways of digital printing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
Digital printing machines only use different inks for different processes and target different fabrics. 1. According to the printing method, direct injection means that the digital printing machine prints the ink directly on the fabric. Such as paint digital printing, reactive digital printing, acid digital printing, etc., all belong to the category of direct injection. At present, the more common direct injection T-shirts The printing machine is one of the most conventional direct injection processes. Transfer printing is what we often call thermal transfer. The ink is first sprayed on the transfer paper, and then the pattern is sublimated onto the clothes with a transfer machine at a high temperature. 2. Distinguish by printing process If you are distinguishing by printing process, there are four ways of digital printing, namely thermal transfer, paint digital printing, reactive digital printing, and acid digital printing. Thermal transfer printing is mainly used to print chemical fiber fabrics, such as jerseys, curtains, etc., using dispersed ink. Paint digital printing is mainly used to print pure cotton fabrics, such as pure cotton T-shirts, sweaters, denims, ready-made garments, cut pieces, and piece cloth. Paint ink is used, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It is pure cotton The direction of digital printing. Reactive digital printing is mainly used for printing on pure cotton fabrics. It uses reactive inks. Large quantities of pure cotton fabrics are mostly used for printing. However, due to its high pollution and unenvironmental protection, it will be gradually replaced by paint digital printing. Acid digital printing is mainly used for the printing of wool products, silk, nylon and other fabrics. It also has the characteristics of pollution, but there is no other better alternative process.
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