There is a knack for identifying the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, five ways to help you find the treasure

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
The digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is not difficult, but the difficulty lies in how to buy one that suits your heart. The price is not all of a machine. The quality, stability, after-sales and other comprehensive factors of the machine determine whether you get it. precious. Yanyan’s editor has compiled five major tricks for you today to help you choose your machine. 1. The balance of the equipment    A: Whether to use the linear guide rail, the mechanical design structure and structure of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, compare it from the appearance.  B: Print the crosshairs of the test lines, if the 100 tests are overlapped, and how they do not overlap, it indicates that the stability of the digital printing machine is not good! Buy with caution.  2, proofing before buying   Regarding proofing, it is best to take the samples to the factory for actual testing, seeing is believing! If the supplier does not have its own physical production plant and there is a problem with the equipment, how can we help you solve the technical problem! Like Yanyan, those who have their own printing processing factories can understand the machine more intuitively.  3, digital printing process problems   need to know the digital printing equipment, it is not, because the ink is a chemical change, it is based on the principle of inkjet proofing to carry out industrial equipment modification. It is just to improve the original printing paper, which can be used to print materials of more than 1CM, and realize some bottlenecks that cannot be solved by traditional crafts!   Like some of our Yanyan customers, they cannot solve the problem of later processing equipment by themselves. In the early stage, we help customers solve the process of how to directly spray the pattern on the surface of the material for curing, so as to achieve the purpose of printing the pattern!  4. Price problem   This problem is that Qiya Digital faces a relatively big problem in the process of one-on-one continuous communication with 40 customers! Everyone is concerned about one issue, that is the price issue! 5: Before buying, pay attention to the three major types of companies in the market: trading companies, sales of various types of equipment, and only selling equipment without continuous after-sales service. The digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines of these companies are absolutely impossible. Purchased.   summary:      a company that sells equipment alone, the price is very cheap, at least about 30% cheaper than that, but this type of company’s services will be charged separately! The cost of door-to-door service is 300-500 yuan per service, and the cost of outbound travel is at least 1200-1500 yuan once! This type of company outsources services to partner companies or other individuals! This type is extremely insecure!  To sum up the above, please consider carefully when purchasing the machine
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