Thermal transfer digital T-shirt printing machine is gradually being marginalized

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
T-shirt printing machines are gradually being marginalized. In today's diversified market demand, with the increasing development of the commodity economy, various manufacturers and departments have higher and higher requirements for their own product trademarks, labels and product external packaging. For the printing industry, the concept of printing It is no longer the traditional paper printing in people's impression. From our daily necessities to office appliances, to products in various industries such as electricity, decoration, crafts, etc., we need more, better and more practical patterns. In the early days, these patterns were basically printed by thermal transfer printing. Come, but with the popularity of pure cotton fabrics, heat transfer T-shirt printing machines are gradually shrinking. However, the shrinking market share of thermal transfer T-shirt printing machines is only due to the encroachment of pure cotton direct-injection T-shirt printing machines. However, in some other fields, the position of thermal transfer T-shirt printing machines in the short term cannot be shaken. Thermal transfer printing In addition to being applied to clothing fabrics, the machine can also be applied to clothing accessories, such as zippers, ribbons, engravings, webbing, etc. It not only has a large output, but also has incomparable advantages compared with silk screen printing, such as high precision and high precision. The color is gradual, the color is bright, no need to open the version, etc. Since 2016, the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine used in the apparel industry has become the mainstream production method in the digital printing process. Because of its natural advantages in process and environmental protection, it will not produce waste water, waste gas, Waste residue, in today's focus on green production and green manufacturing, the digital T-shirt printing machine has undoubtedly become the protagonist of many printing machines.
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