Three factors to identify the ink quality of clothing digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
When there is a problem with the printing accuracy of the digital printing machine, the problem may not only lie in the print head and the machine. Think about whether you have changed the ink of a different ink manufacturer recently? Or was the wrong ink added during the ink filling process? 2. Good de-paste advantage, clothing digital printing machine ink should have good de-paste, which is a major prerequisite to ensure a good hand feeling after printing, otherwise the fabric printed with the digital clothing printing machine will be a little harder. The softness is affected. Third, a clothing digital printing machine with good fluidity advantages must have good fluidity, which is fluidity. The better the ink fluidity, the ink will not be broken when printing clothing with the digital clothing printing machine. Good fluency can not only ensure that the nozzles of the garment digital printing machine will not be blocked, but also a prerequisite for a low defect rate.
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