Tips for buying uv flatbed printers

by:angelacrox     2021-08-18
The most basic requirement for uv flatbed printers is printing accuracy. The method to test the printing accuracy is: print the 3rd character. The product with clear printing, no ghosting or blurring is qualified. If there is a ghost image, it means that the printer vibrates too much during printing. This is caused by the unreasonable structural design, which prevents the printing head's running force from being properly resolved and released. If no words can be recognized at all, then this printer can already be passed. Tip 2: Recognition of printer performance. Bosses who do printing processing must know that setting is the most important thing in mass production. If the position is not accurate, the scrap rate will increase. At this time, it is particularly important to choose a printer with stable performance. The method is: print the cross, repeat the print ten times, and look at it with a 40-fold magnifying glass. If it overlaps, then this machine can be bought. If there is a little mistake, you can pass. Or directly use the silk screen method to test the sets. Print the blue dots first, and then print red on the basis of blue. Use a 40x magnifying glass to see. If you can't see the blue, it means the machine has high precision. If one of these two methods fails, give up decisively. Tip 3: What is the stable structure of the machine? Look at the shape first. Top-heavy, it will inevitably vibrate during exercise, and the biggest impact of vibration is printing accuracy. Just like people, unstable chassis is not acceptable. The printer chassis of our Shenlongjie is very strong and stable. Tip 4: Look closely at the machine that prints more colors, the better the color reproduction is. Leather printer is the first 8-color inkjet printer in the country to print more brilliant colors and better reduction, and print portraits of people are lifelike and vivid.
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