Toshiba's analysis of cotton digital T-shirt printing machine nozzle

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
UV printers, but the number of them is not large. Recently, a gimmick with a two-year warranty has been introduced. Toshiba nozzles have been widely used in the UV industry for 15 years. The minimum nozzle hole can reach 5PL, which is close to the 3.5PL of Epson nozzles. The all-steel structure is compatible with various common inks, such as eco-solvent inks, UV inks, paint inks, and reactive inks. , Dispersed ink, etc. The advantage of Toshiba print head is that the print head is relatively cheap, the nozzle hole is small, and the printed effect is close to the accuracy of Epson. It has an irreplaceable advantage in the function of water-based ink, so it can also be used in pure cotton digital direct injection. It’s on the T-shirt printing machine, but in the UV industry, because the motherboard has just been developed, many aspects are not stable, and the limitations of the ink make the Toshiba print head controversial, plus it came out late, and the matching motherboard and software Ru0026D has not kept up, and the maturity of its industrial chain is still far behind that of Ricoh print heads. After all, the establishment of an industrial chain to maturity cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, currently on UV printers, there is less chance to see Toshiba print heads. In the cotton digital direct-injection printing machine, this type of nozzle is even rarer. For more information, please get Jia Yanyan's WeChat account. Welcome everyone to come to discuss and exchange.
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